What are Lies and truth about social media marketing?

Social media marketing fever

Social media marketing is one most known term around the word. Probably everyone in the world knows about social media marketing to enhance their online presence and sales. But is it really through social media you can increase your online presence and can raise your sell? This article is about this, and hopefully, you will find out some truths and some lies about social media marketing.

Screams of social media experts

You will find many people who tell you that using social media is very important. Especially Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are essential for your business. But the question that arises here is whether it is worth investing in social media marketing for a medium-sized or small-sized business? And how much they benefit from it. Hiring a social media marketing company can be very useful for small businesses and do everyone know the details about social media marketing. Understand how social media marketing companies work?

Will, anyone, buy from you or not.

Some social media marketing companies make you from $ 600 to Facebook Business Page, which is virtually free. And tell their clients that they don’t need a website. Because the social media platform is enormous and everyone has access to it.

There is no doubt that Facebook is an excellent place in social media, and there are many people out there who can become your customers in the future. But the question arises whether these people buy from you.

The trend is followed.

It often happens to me when I go to a customer and ask them to create a website for your business. So the answer I get is that we have a Facebook Business Page. And that’s enough for us. We don’t need a website. When they are asked why. So he says that many social media marketing people have told us that it is more important to have a business page on social media. But when asked about its benefits. When asked about its implications, they have no idea about it – how much business growth has been achieved through social media. This makes it clear that they are involved only in following the trend, and do not research how much they have benefited and how much they are losing.
What do I recommend for small business owners?

Being a marketing consultant and being a web designer, I always advise small business people that they should have a great website. There is no denying that you do not get coverage on social media. But there is a difference between a business site and a social media page. Social media is never made for business, nor can you get the benefits that you get from a website.

Search engine and social media

It’s a fact that social media marketing fails when compared to a search engine like Google. The search engine is used whenever people want to find people’s services about a product or a service. The use of social media is less in this case.

The real use of social media

People mostly use Facebook to keep in touch with their friends from their families. Most people use Facebook to get entertainment and news.

Research Report

Recently, a research report was published at the IBM Institute for Business, which found that 55% of social media users say, they do not use social media for any brand or business purposes. Only 23% said that they sometimes shop for the brand on social media, with the majority saying they use search engines to buy online whenever they want to.


Besides, a lot of things can be done about why social media is not a good fit for marketing business, but its proper use is to connect people with time and news and entertainment. There has been a lot of research on this recently, which makes it clear that there is a difference between social media marketing and traditional marketing. And the best way is Traditional Marketing.