The impacts of social media on tourism

Social media trends

While there are many benefits to social media, the changes that we have seen on tourism and hoteling due to social media have probably never been before. To prove this, we present to you a case study of a small country, Lebanon. We can try to understand and understand how tourism has changed in Lebanon with the use of social media. How much people’s lives have been affected by it and how much has changed.


Lebanon is a small country found in the Middle East, which is smaller in size than the smallest state in the United States. Lebanon is located on the coast, and the country is considered to be the window of the Middle East for Europe, North America and the rest of the world. Was called east. But after the Civil War, the economic condition of this country was terrible.

The population of Lebanon

Although Lebanon is a small country, it is found in a variety of colorful religions. There are Muslim Christians here in Darjeeling and other classes that are spread all over the country. The name of Lebanon’s political system is democratic, which includes the representation of persons belonging to all categories.

The role of tourism in Lebanon’s economy

According to the research, the role of tourism in Lebanon’s economy is very prominent, and the basis of the economy is the number of tourist attractions. According to the Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade, tourism is the backbone for Lebanon.

After research by the World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that tourism in Lebanon adds $ 4 billion annually, the study was published in 2014

Lebanon’s political situation

From 2011 to 2013, there was a decrease in tourism growth due to the political situation; there were some other reasons.

Experts believe that Lebanon has seen a significant decline in the tourism industry. It is actually due to the political situation as well as the ban by the government, which caused growth lack. Experts say that in the coming years, there is no guarantee that these conditions will remain the same or will change.
Lebanon Tourism Situation

Whenever adverse conditions occur in an industry, they try to reduce their costs and become the first target marketing department. Is that downsizing begins and the prices are reduced as well. Experts believe that this can lead to lower costs, but at the same time, the effects of business are severely affected.

Purpose of the study

Throughout the world, social media is now used to promote various business and industry. The use of social media is based on the culture of the people and the trends of the people. If their situation is to be seen, then the proper use of social media can take tourism back to its peak. The economy of the country can be drastically changed.

Social media and tourism in Lebanon

Many such campaigns are currently running on social media in which people are being attracted to Lebanon for tourism. But one of the problems with these campaigns is that because of Lebanese tourism. So there is talk, but there is a tiny publicity campaign going on in the background of culture and religion.

Positive use of the West and social media

If you look at this, there are a lot of studies in the West that focus on how promotion campaigns can be launched to promote tourism in a culture, not necessarily their results — considering that the same campaign should be conducted in Lebanon too. It is essential to see what such tools are and what are how Lebanese tourism can be boosted again.


Finally, it is essential to say that the importance of social media is not denied at this time. There are various social movements around the world at the moment. Although the majority of the news or companies on social media are the ones who are lying. But there are a lot of promotional campaigns that are based on fact. So social media campaign is significant because not only will Lebanon have a clean face, but the economy would be better.