Social Media Marketing is just the game of number a very different review of social media marketing

The most significant achievement of Social Media

What has been the most fantastic achievement on social media marketing so far is the 2016 US Election in which Russia marketing Donald Trump? Most people with social media marketing know what the truth of social media marketing is. The fact that social media is one of the biggest idols of marketing is a lie. Because the majority of people on social media are people who don’t exist.

What marketers are thinking

There is something important for people in the marketing sector based on which they launch marketing campaigns. If social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are seen, then what they base on marketing campaigns is wrong. The metrics they form the basis for cannot be relied upon.

And why should we? Facebook doesn’t

In 2017, Facebook released a statement saying they were lying.

According to Facebook, the largest social media platform, social media campaigns are based on a person’s account daily. It is seen how many times he has visited a page. And what is he interested in?

If looked at carefully it is clear that the basis for any advertisement is the number of people. But according to themselves, how accurate and how wrong is the account used worldwide. And how many people who have written well about their education, age, gender, color, and race have absolutely no idea about it. Rather, they are all estimates.

According to Facebook, in the announcement in 2017, he clearly stated that Facebook is on.

Number game

Facebook said that under-development of countries such as Indonesia, Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, and Bangladesh has the highest number of fake and duplicate accounts. Four percent.

Now, you guess yourself; Facebook is admitting that more than 10% of their users are fake. But he never made it clear, nor did he talk about how fraudulent this account is being used daily.
The biggest problem with the media is that you can’t know whether your address is fake or real.

Social media has not been real for a while.

As a marketer and an advertiser, we are proud that the number we give out is accrual. In the olden times, marketing and advertising were also seen when spending on advertising on a TV or a show. If you want to publicize using direct mail, what is its success rate? All of these things are known and done.

The reason for this is that as many platforms have been used in the past, they are regularly audited. There is a regular effort to find out how much truth and authenticity it has, while there is no social media rating, nor do you know whether the people watching your campaign are real people or not.

The real things of Marketing

There has been a lot of research that has been going on for a long time in the business media, such as radio TV and print media, and a lot of studies have been written on how to achieve success using these channels. Can do Remember that this is an industry and it is very easy to research. You can learn about the first campaign on any channel.

As a representative of an advertising company, we can easily find out about any company’s chances of success. This is not just based on our experience, but regular planning and regular strategies follow it.

But what’s interesting is that you can’t say all these things about social media, nor can you know how successful your campaign will be.

The numbers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just a joke.

In the past, the valuation of a company was done on revenue, assets and human capital and performance, but since the advent of social media, things have been dealt with by the daily active user.

Since then, people have never seen a race like this before on social media, but very soon, big companies find out that social media marketing is a scam.